Q & A: The N-648 Immigration Psychological Evaluation – part 2

Q: Can I use my to pay for the evaluation cost?
A: It depends on your insurance company and the plan you have with them. Once you
have made your payment, we can provide you with an invoice that indicates the out-of-pocket amount paid by you, as well as the date of service. You can submit it with your
insurance to see if they may partially compensate you. However, there are a number of
insurance companies that may deny your request as these immigration evaluations are
not considered “medically necessary” by the insurance companies.

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept major credit cards, Venmo, and Paypal. Cash payments are no longer
accepted and the full payment needs to be made prior to your scheduled appointment.
We will be happy to provide a receipt for your payment upon request.

Q: Can the doctor come with me to my interview at immigration office?
A: I am afraid not. We do not offer any legal advice to the applicants, nor accompany
the applicants to their interview at the immigration office. However, you are entitled to
have an interpreter present at the time of your interview if you do not speak English.

Q: How long the N-648 report is valid?
A: They are valid for 6 months. Reports older than 6 months may be rejected by the
immigration office (USCIS). In this case, you will need to be evaluated again and a new
will have to be completed and submitted with the USCIS.

Q: Do I need to send the N-648 form along with my or
A: If you are requesting to be medically exempt from taking the , you
need to submit the completed N-648 form along with your citizenship application. There
are instances that if you fail the citizenship exam at the time of your first interview, you
will be given a chance to be evaluated by a physician who can help you to complete the
N-648 form. In this case, you need to find a doctor who is specialized and experienced
in completing the N-648 and then you can submit it with USCIS separately.

Q: Will you guarantee that my case get approved by the INS?
A: We can guarantee that your N-648 form will be complete based on the information
available to your evaluating physician at the time of your appointment. However, no one
can guarantee that your case will be approved by the USCIS as this is a decision that
only the immigration officer who is interviewing you will make. We are clinical
psychologists and can only guarantee that the medical information included in your
report is accurate per your account. We also take responsibility to revise your N-648
form if it turns out that we made an error or a typo in your N-648 form with no additional

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