How learning about EMDR treatment can help you to help others?

Most people grow up facing a couple or more difficult experiences in life, but in some cases, negative incidents can overwhelm personal thresholds of tolerance. In these situations, appetite, sleep patterns, health, , personal equilibrium, and ultimately the quality of social/ personal/ professional life is hampered. These symptoms typically constitute or . While some can conquer PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) with sheer willpower and the support of well-wishers' inner circle, others have to seek from a competent . If you have undergone in your life, then it is natural for you to feel sympathetic and express empathy and a desire to help others facing the same situation.

And in case you have sought/ experienced the vastly beneficial effects of psychology's best tool of conquering PTSD, i.e., EMDR, it is also natural to want to recommend this inventive technique to others who may need it. Helping others to conquer post-traumatic stress can help boost the and self-actualization needs of the giver, which is why you should definitely pass on your knowledge of to others in need.

what is emdr?

is an intriguing and well-received modality that has been impressing the scientist community ever since its launch. The core of EMDR rests on the premise that the vividness of negative feelings associated with trauma or a negative incident can reduce or even be eliminated by using targeted eye movements under a controlled situation when performed correctly. EMDR can help alleviate symptoms like sudden anger, hot flushes, racing heartbeat, feelings of extreme , and helplessness that are the typical punishing side effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Unlike most psychological theories, EMDR is not a conventional talk theory. In EMDR, the giver works with the receiver's memories, central self-beliefs, cognitive fragments, and emotions surrounding past painful incidences. It is more like emotional surgery that is empirically well-received, intensely researched, and structured.

EMDR experiences are held over 8 phases beginning with patient data collection, sensitization, and implementation to resolution and reconciliation. These phases are usually cathartic experiences that first produce pain but, in the long run, cultivate a logical, detached, and objective approach towards the trauma. The person receiving EMDR can use this approach towards all difficult life areas and usually emerges as a more balanced and happy individual. This intense, emotionally demanding yet empowering and relief inspiring series of sessions has a transformational effect on the personality and encourages a positive paradigm shift in affected individuals' vision.

EMDR is extremely useful in treating PTSD and can stop the affected individual's descent into substance abuse, violent mood swings, anorexia, , delusion, insomnia, and many other forms of ailments. EMDR is 40% more effective than organic support networks and 30% more effective than one-on-one counseling sessions with a psychiatrist. There are a million scientifically documented ways that say that you can effectively help people conquer post-traumatic effects by guiding them towards EMDR.

where to undergo emdr treatment?

EMDR is a highly specialized branch of psychological treatment, which means that if you want to experience its powerful effects, you need to sign up for sessions from a team of competent, experienced, and credential holding professionals who can be regarded as experts in their field. It is also recommended that you read up on the theoretical premise of EMDR methodology before you experience the relatable practice elements of bilateral eye movements and their practice. Look for some attributes like proper accreditation, experience in EMDR delivery practice, and patient engagement parameters before choosing/recommending a psychology clinic.

EMDR is a powerful technique that can wreak emotional havoc and cause long-lasting psychological damage if administered incorrectly. A trained and certified therapist exclusively has the rigorous standard of educational training and practice required to administer/ teach EMDR. This technique will help you fast track over the niggling troubles in life that have the potential to escalate into larger issues. EMDR is the rare chance of helping others develop a positive, empowered attitude towards life, and if you have suffered from personal trauma, you already know how critical that is. Embrace the incremental benefits of recommending EMDR to PTSD sufferers today and guide them towards the correct, clinically approved way of conquering this ailment. In the process, you can earn yourself some goodwill and boundless good karma!

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