Neda Khodaparast, PsyD, QME

Neda Khodaparast, PsyD, QME, is the founder and CEO of The Green Room Psychological Services Inc. in San Diego, California.

About Dr. Neda Khodaparast

Dr. Khodaparast earned her doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston. She has over 20 years in clinical practice providing individual and couple therapy, as well as conducting forensic evaluations for personal injuries, civil cases, immigration evaluations, and pre surgical clearance psychological evaluations. She has also been conducting medical-legal worker’s compensation evaluations as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) Since 2014.


Dr. Khodaparast specializes in utilizing psychodynamic orientation and focuses on treating trauma and PTSD including:

She appreciates the complexity of human’s psyche and understands the process and the importance of “meeting the patients where they at.”


During the treatment, Dr. Khodaparast uses multiple approaches and strategies including 

to help patients to recognize the unconscious thoughts and feelings that effect their decisions and assist them to break their unwanted behavioral patterns.

Dr. Khodaparast speaks fluent English and Farsi and treats patients using both languages. Her main objective is to help patients to gain insights about their own psychology, find meaning in their lives, and fortify their relationships with themselves and others.

Neda Khodaparast

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