David Lipsitt, Psy.D

David Lipsitt, Psy.D., is a Senior Psychologist providing neuropsychological evaluations, individual psychotherapy for children and adults, and parenting consultations.

About David Lipsitt

With 16 years of experience in neuropsychological and social­emotional assessment, Dr. Lipsitt provides a strengths-based, non­pathologizing approach. He specializes in the impact of emotional wellness on learning and productivity — and vice versa!). If you or your child have difficulty focusing, organizing, controlling impulses, remembering, learning, processing details, seeing “the big picture” or main idea, performing academics, or navigating the social environment, Dr. Lipsitt provides evaluations that assess one’s learning and social­emotional styles — an important step in deciding upon the most optimal strategies. In equipping you with practical recommendations, Dr. Lipsitt’s reports serve as “user manuals” for the brain.


In addition, Dr. Lipsitt provides empathic and solution­focused psychotherapy focused on managing symptoms of:

Dr. Lipsitt’s integrative clinical orientation draws upon neuroscientific research, Cognitive­Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Health Psychology. The type and scope of intervention depends upon the concerns at hand, and empirically supported interventions are used when appropriate.


Dr. Lipsitt’s training has included a post­doctoral fellowship in Psychology and Neurodevelopment at Harvard Medical School. Here, he:

He holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology). 

In addition to extensive private-practice work, Dr. Lipsitt has served as staff psychologist at McLean Hospital’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Services, The Hallowell Center, ADHD Boston, The LD & ADHD Center of Hawaii, and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.

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