Top 10 anger management strategies to calm your temper

Anger could be the outcome of frustration and helplessness. It could be born of dissatisfaction or external irritants that do not resonate with your psyche. It is the most natural response. Anger is also debilitating and non-productive. Once in the vortex, you are only likely to be held firmly in its grip as it overwhelms and overlays all other thoughts. It causes stress and tension. It also shows you are not in control of yourself, something that people in society do not appreciate since it denotes, among other things, a lack of maturity. Anger can also negatively impact your . Stop anger from destroying you with these top 10 strategies. 


Why do you get angry? Ask yourself this question and review all the past occasions when you were overwhelmed with rage. Is it possible you get angry because people do not conform to your way of thinking and actions? Maybe you cannot accept that people are entitled to think their way. Understanding why you get angry is the first step to accepting that anger is a problem, not a solution. 

keep track

How often did you get angry in the past week, past month, past six months, and why? It helps to jot down episodes. Delve deeper into yourself, and you will find that you get angry due to the subjective view and importance of something. Once you can differentiate, then managing anger becomes easier. 

the psychology of anger

Anger can be devastating for your mental and physical health. It activates the adrenal glands to release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration increase, and the brain reduces blood flow to the intestines and muscles. Anger makes you ill – physically and mentally. Make a sizeable mental billboard and keep it in front of your inner eyes. 

promise yourself to not react negatively with anger

Anything can irritate and act as a trigger point for anger. You blow your top. Recognize these flashpoints and promise yourself not to get angry. 

Instead, you can just take an objective view of the situation and not let it affect your inner self. Of Four Musketeers' fame, Athos was known to consider everything as “trifles” and was known for being the coolest head among the four. Take a leaf out of his book and stay calm, shrug it off.

  • Engage in something else when you are angry. 
  • Simply vent it by taking an axe and chopping wood. In a Philips Clavell Novel, one protagonist describes the family tradition of having a tree in the backyard where anyone who got angry would go and vent pent up rage by screaming at it. Scream at a wall if you like, not at people. 


Like it or not, smile when you feel angry. It makes anger go away, reduces stress, and you feel calmer. 


Practice yoga every day. You will feel better inner balance and harmony. You will stay in control. 

  • Try out a couple of asanas to start your day
  • Engage in deep breathing
  • Close your eyes and think of cosmic energy entering you

Is this not your cup of tea? No worries, even 30 minutes at the gym or a jog will make a difference.

stroke your pet

Stroke your cat or dog when you feel angry. The act of stroking your pet and watching its pleased reaction will calm you down. 

If a pet is not handy then simply use your fingertips to

  • Massage your temples
  • Pinch and massage earlobes
  • Massage sides of the neck below your cranium
  • Press tips of your fingers and middle of your palm

sleep well

Eight hours or a minimum of 7 hours of peaceful sleep is a must. Less sleep makes you feel irritated the whole day, and you are easily stressed out. Meanwhile, even during the day, take short breaks of a minute or two. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and stay relaxed. 

health and energy

Low energy, fatigue, poor nutrition, and being out of shape easily cause you to get angry at the slightest provocation. Therefore: 

  • Eat nutritious food, and avoid junk as much as possible
  • well and stay active

No, you do not need to skip a party. Just follow a healthy routine.


A superior can easily get angry at subordinates while it cannot be the case vice versa. The simple reason is that an office manager may not have much respect for subordinates. Give respect to everyone, regardless of position. You will be surprised at how less often you get angry. 

Try these ways, not all, but most and there should be a change in you. You need to change. You cannot change the world.

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